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"Jeff Savage is the one to book, if you are looking for an author who can inspire students to read and write! Our librarians loved Jeff's organizational skills which made the logistics of his visit very easy for us. He's the best author we've ever had visit!"
– Karen McKarnin
   Library Media Specialist
   Underwood Elementary School, Lee's Summit, MO.

Jeff Savage's school visits are educational, inspirational, and fun for all!

Jeff is at your school the entire day. He performs assemblies for different grade levels and then visits with students again in such venues as classrooms or the library.

Students will discover a whole new world of writing. Jeff uses images on a screen and props to demonstrate the lifelong value of writing.

Jeff's main theme is confidence. He reveals how he overcame his shyness as a boy in sixth grade with the mysterious help of a teacher. He describes his work with many of today's men and women athletes and explains how he chooses to write about good role models, those who have overcome obstacles and made smart choices to achieve success. Jeff encourages children to write with confidence and believe in themselves.

Jeff's books for autographing are available at a deep discount. Jeff has written more than 150 books for 10 major publishing companies. Rather than ask educators to order books from Jeff's publishers and then return unsold books, Jeff simply provides the books himself. They are available in library-bound hardcover as well as softcover at Jeff's "author discount," which is far less than even the reduced school library price.

Jeff also offers second-day workshops and evening sessions.

Inviting Jeff to your school is easy. Just click here to contact him.

"Jeff Savage's dynamic presentations captivated our students. Jeff's humor, wit, and striking personality captured everyone in the room. He delighted the youngest students and the oldest members of the audience. Best of all, he inspired every child, even those most reluctant, to read and write."
– Sue DeVinny
   Author's Faire Coordinator
   Sun Valley Elementary School, San Rafael, CA.

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