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"Jeff's spunk and sparkle keeps his audience captivated and enthused! This dedicated author motivates students to research and write by modeling his ambitions as he magically weaves his stories, incredible knowledge, visions, and goals into his presentations. The encouragement to have confidence and inspiration to do one's best that Jeff imparts is extremely powerful."
Julie Herdell, Principal
   West Park Elementary School, Napa, CA.

Jeff Savage is a highly popular author presenter throughout the country. Jeff's animated presentations are infectious as children immediately catch the reading-writing bug. Jeff's engaging personality sends kids swarming around him like bees to honey.

Jeff's goal during his fun-filled author day is to inspire children to read with curiosity, write with confidence, believe in themselves, and dare to be great!

Jeff makes presentations in all venues, including classroom visits, assemblies, staff workshops, and afternoon or evening parent sessions.

Jeff has no limit to sessions per day.

Jeff's books for autographing are available at his author discount rate. This rate is even less than the discounted School Library price. Pre-orders are fine, and day-of-visit sales are welcome. Jeff will provide the books upon his arrival, either through a local bookseller, or by himself. Jeff will make the arrangements.

When you book your date with Jeff, he will send you a prep packet to get you started.

Booking Jeff Savage is an easy process. Contact him. Arrange a date. Plan an itinerary. Enjoy the day.

"Jeff Savage can reach an audience from kindergartners to eighth graders with his enthusiastic, action-packed speaking style. The students love the entertaining personal stories he tells. His dedication and caring is apparent as he introduces himself warmly to each student while signing books. Jeff's sense of humor is wonderful, and his level of commitment to students is inspirational. Jeff will make a very positive impact at your school!"
– Cecilia Owen, Librarian
   Saint Andrew's School, Saratoga, CA.

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