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Jeff Savage is the most enthusiastic and inspiring author that we have ever had present at our school!
- Susan Healy, Reading Specialist
  Creekside Elementary School, Poway, CA

If you want dynamic, captivating, and motivating, then you want Jeff Savage! Our 7th and 8th graders were totally mesmerized. His message, laced with humor, about writing and life was fun and inspirational. Students, faculty, and parents are still singing his praises.
- Judy Hall, Library Media Specialist
  Carroll Middle School, Southlake, TX

Tremendously motivational and inspirational! Jeff brings home the important message about writing, about dedication, about quality, and about life. I cannot say enough positive things about Mr. Jeff Savage.
- David J. Peters, Ed.D, Principal
  St. Stephen the Martyr School, Omaha, NE

Wonderful! Informative! Don't miss it! The students and teachers were completely engaged in Jeff's engergetic, exciting visit!
- Cindy Goldstein, Teacher
  Park Trails Elementary School, Pompano Beach, FL

Jeff Savage is incredible. His energy level is unbelievable! He had students (and teachers!) enthralled with his stories and his road to becoming a writer. His overall message is so positive!
- Jamie Murphy Boston, Librarian
  Sacramento County Office of Education, Sacramento, CA

If you are searching for a charismatic author to visit your school (and someone who is low maintenance and just as magnetic off stage), look no further than Jeff Savage. All our kids were excited by Jeff's visit, but he was especially good at connecting with "those boys" who seemingly never pick up a book. Highly recommended!
- Brandon O'Neill, Library Media Specialist
  American School of Guatemala, Guatemala City

Our students were awestruck by your quick wit and enthusiasm. I have boys who don't normally like to write telling me how much they want to be just like you!
- Penney Bell, Teacher
  Reuben Johnson Elementary School, McKinney, TX

Our school has had a visiting author every year of its 11-year existence, and Jeff Savage is the overwhelming favorite of the staff and students.
- Mary Westendorf, Principal
  Discovery Elementary School, Bakersfield, CA

If you are looking for an author who can inspire students to read and write, then Jeff is the one to book! Our librarians loved Jeff's organizational skills which made the logistics of his visit very easy for us. He's the best author we've ever had visit!
- Karen McKarnin, Library Media Specialist
  Underwood Elementary School, Lee's Summit, MO

You were magnificent!!! You really inspired, engaged, riveted, and exceeded all expectations! If there is ever anything I can do to help spread your message to other library media teachers or communicate your brilliance, please let me know!
- Suzanne Osman, Library Media Teacher
  Orville Wright Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

Totally captivating. That is what I think of, when I think of Jeff Savage.
- Carol Morse, Media Tech
Alvina Elementary School, Caruthers, CA

What a wonderful day! Jeff showed our students how making good choices in life will always lead to being a winner. His lively and humorous talks were captivating and inspiring! His messages will stay with us for a long time!
- Maureen Reister, Director of Libraries
Ann & Nate Levine Academy, Dallas, TX

Hey Superstar! What a fabulous night you gifted us with! I have already heard from all of my parents ... they LOVED you! The kids are still walking on clouds. I can't wait to see you again! You are the best author I've ever seen ... and believe me I have seen hundreds!
- Meg Gillman, President
  Sacramento Area Reading Association, Sacramento, CA

The students listened in awe as Jeff Savage captured their heart and soul. His gift of passion will leave an everlasting impression.
- Kathleen Portugal, Media Services Aide
  Martin Luther King Elementary School, Hanford, CA

One year after Jeff Savage's visit, the students at our school are still asking for his books and talking about him.
- Susan Conger, Librarian
  Castle Elementary School, Bakersfield, CA

Fabulous! Jeff Savage was engaging and funny. He made each and every person in his audience feel as if he was speaking directly to them.
- Lisa Dreesman, Library Media Specialist
  Adams Elementary and Carroll Middle, Carroll, IA

Jeff Savage may have left the building, but his visit continues to live on in the hearts and minds of both students and staff!!! What a dynamic and enlightening presentation!
- Diane Munguia, Library Technician
  Madison Elementary School, Sanger, CA

Wow! Jeff Savage enthralled our students with his vivacious, charismatic, and humorous presentations of his career as an author. I've already booked him for a return visit!
- Heather Williams, Ed.D., Principal
  Dickson Elementary School, Chino, CA

What an inspiration you are to our young scholars! Your message about hard work and the rewards of writing is fantastic! I hope many more students will have the opportunity to hear your story.
- Sarah Shellhouse, Teacher
  Deer Park Elementary School, Centreville, VA

Jeff Savage has been the most wonderful author ever to come to Gold Ridge.
- Karen Gomez, Librarian
  Gold Ridge Elementary School, Rohnert Park, CA

What a great visit! Our teachers and students raved about your program! Thank you for your kind attention to our students. You made a lasting impression.
- Beverly Tierce, Lead Librarian
Northwest ISD, Rhome, TX

Thank you so much for the fabulously successful days at Camerado Springs and Rolling Hills Middle Schools. Your energy and enthusiasm were matched only by your generosity in sharing your time with our students. Your genuine interest in the kids shone through all you said and did!
- Mary Helen Fischer, District Librarian
Buckeye Union School District, Shingle Springs, CA

Jeff Savage is WILDLY entertaining! He inspired our students with his fast-paced presentations. The kids love his stories and his books!
- Diana Haneski, Media Specialist
  Westglades Middle School, Parkland, FL

Jeff Savage's presentation at our school was superb. The impact of his visit will continue on for months and even years.
- Kristi Hanelt, Media Specialist
  Longfellow Elementary School, Alameda, CA

Jeff Savage is an absolute KID MAGNET! My 7th and 8th graders mobbed him all day! I even had a serious gang-banger start reading with Jeff's books, he actually continued, and raised his grades considerably. Jeff Savage is the bomb!
- Darla Brown, Librarian
  Compton Junior High School, Bakersfield, CA

The word around here is, 'He's the best author we've ever had speak at our school!' Thank you, Jeff!
- Kari Dahlquist, Ph.D., Principal
  Creek Valley Elementary School, Edina, MN

Captivating! If you want to get your students motivated to read and write non-fiction, Jeff Savage is the man for your school!
- Kelli Sunderland, Literary Specialist
  Vintage Hills Elementary School, Temecula, CA

What an amazing visit! The students and teachers alike were so taken with you. You made a tremendous impact on our students; they really felt connected to you!
- Gabrielle Denton, Director Parent Relations
Quarry Lane School, Dublin, CA

Jeff is a remarkable presenter. He delivers powerful messages with a style that motivates students in ways that are hard to duplicate in the classroom. His impact is so positive that you will want your whole school to see him. He is awesome.
- Lisa Brubaker, Library Media Specialist
Alexander Elementary School, Katy, TX

Wonderful. Our K-6 students loved Jeff. We haven't been this excited over an author in a very long time.
- Kris Kobb, Teacher and Author Committee Chair
  Riverdale Elementary School, St. Joe, IN

Motivating! We have had several outstanding authors come to our school to speak, but none like Jeff Savage.
- Debbie Maghanoy, Reading Specialist
  Vail Elementary School, Temecula, CA

Great visit! The students REALLY enjoyed your Author visit, follow-up workshop, and how funny you were. Thank You for giving us such a great Assembly!
- Maria Triantafyllopoulos, Cultural Arts Committee
Strawtown Elementary School, West Nyack, NY

If you ever need a testimonial from San Ramon Elementary, everyone here LOVED your presentations and said so! The teachers, students, and other parents who saw you in action all had the same feedback: 'Best Author EVER!' Thank you for a Superlative day!
- Cindy Demchuk, Authors Day PTA
San Ramon Elementary School, Novato, CA

Oh, were they ever happy! That's exactly how you left Planada, teachers and kids alike. Your enthusiasm for life, for writing, for meeting people, for the C of confidence - thank you for the gift you gave us! Even the middle school students were captured, and that is the real test!
- Holly Barrera, District Librarian
  Planada School District, Planada, CA

I would like to enthusiastically recommend award-winning author Jeff Savage! He spoke this week to cheering students in grades 1 through 6. His presentations were appropriate to grade level and appealed to boys and girls. Teachers are giving him rave reviews. He is an extremely easy author to work with!
- Barbara Bomes, Assistant Librarian
  The Curtis School, Los Angeles, CA

Wow! We enjoyed your visit more than I can say! The students can't stop quoting your excellent message about confidence. Our staff was very impressed with how your enthusiasm about writing spilled over to the students. Many of our reluctant readers are now entering the Writers Fair.
- Lori Matsu, Library Media Tech
  Vinci Park Elementary, San Jose, CA

Absolutely fantastic! Jeff's presentation was the best we have ever had - as voted by the teachers and staff! Wow!
- Kimberly Bitter, PTA Vice President
  Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, Madera, CA

The NWLSD can't begin to thank you enough for making the lives of our students richer in the area of literature. Jeff, it was truly a pleasure working with a professional such as you.
- Gay Isaacs, Librarian
  Northwest Local School District, Cincinnati, OH

The best author visit we have ever had at Vargas! The students and teachers have been effusive with their praise! You said what all students need to hear - over and over again! It was the best!
- Ginger Harris, Teacher
  Vargas Elementary School, Sunnyvale, CA

Thanks for a super job with our school and our kids today! You did many things well, but to me the VERY BEST thing you did was to give such strong, positive validation to each student who came through your autograph line. You made each child feel very special and cared about! Great job, Jeff!
- Joe Dana, Principal
  Ralph Dunlap Elementary School, Santa Maria, CA

Such a success! It was fun to see the students respond so enthusiastically to you; and I've heard so much positive feedback from the teachers. The best show of success is that I can't keep your books on the library shelves.
- Becky Brewer, Librarian
  Mitchell Elementary School, Atwater, CA

All the schools enjoyed your trip to Houston so much. Your price is so affordable that even our underfunded schools could afford to have you visit. What you gave us was truly a treat.
- Marjorie Podzielinski, Librarian/Media Specialist
  Tough K-6 School, Conroe, TX

What a wonderful visit! The students were so enthusiastic about you and your books. We will remember your visit for many years.
- Tracy E. Pearson, Media Specialist
  Normandale French Immersion School, Edina, MN

What a great day! The kids loved it and the parents can't stop talking about your presentation. We had our PTC meeting last night and all in attendance agreed that you were phenomenal.
- Meghan Baichtal, Principal
  Catheryn Gates Elementary School, Roseville, CA

Absolutely the best assembly we have ever had at our school!
- Inge Eppink, Teacher
  Ruby Drive Elementary School, Placentia, CA

You were a hit!!! The students loved your presentations and they thought you were hilarious! Thanks for inspiring so many students.
- Gary Mullen, Principal
  Suburu Elementary School, Bakersfield, CA

Your enthusiasm and sense of humor was a perfect fit for middle school. Your emphasis on positive role models, and getting into college even with financial difficulties, is something our students need to hear. You are so inspiring!
- Joy Chung, Librarian
  Sepulveda Middle School, North Hills, CA

You inspire many with your words! My students really enjoyed the entertaining way you talked about your writing career. You are a very funny guy, and I loved your sense of humor. Keep writing about great athletic role models for our kids!
- Tim Collier, Teacher
  Pepper Tree Elementary School, Upland, CA

Thank you for such an inspiring day! Your presentations do make a difference for the students at Cureton. You are simply AMAZING!
- Arlene Illa, Teacher
  Horace Cureton Elementary School, San Jose, CA

Jeff Savage is extremely energetic and motivating to all students and teachers! His love for his work and children are evident in everything he does!
- Kim McCarthy, Media Specialist
  Park Trails Elementary School, Parkland, FL

Thank you for your fun and exciting presentation. The children were motivated by your words and entertained by your stories. Everyone appreciated your enthusiasm!
- Rachelle Romander, President
  Santa Clara County Reading Council, Santa Clara, CA

Jeff Savage has a natural gift of connecting with children. His motivational and humorous message inspires children to believe in themselves. You will love Jeff's personality, charisma, and passion for his work.
- David Jones, Principal
  Carmel Del Mar Elementary School, San Diego, CA

All my 1st graders loved your lively personality and ready sense of humor! Thank you for promoting literacy and for encouraging students to have confidence, listen to their teacher, and not be afraid to make mistakes.
- Alice Williams, Teacher
  Don Callejon School, Santa Clara, CA

Thank you for enriching our class with your thoughts and experiences as an author! You have inspired our class to have confidence and knowledge to become great writers.
- Suzy Brandt, Teacher
  Gold River Discovery Center, Gold River, CA

Our students were inspired by your message of setting goals and overcoming obstacles. I was impressed by your ability to relate to students of all ages. What a memorable day!
- Mary Stratman, Library Media Specialist
  St. Wenceslaus School, Omaha, NE

Triumphant! Teachers are still talking about how wonderful you were. Our students will certainly be better writers because of you!
- Marlene Ford, Librarian
  Yokayo Elementary School, Ukiah, CA

Jeff inspired, motivated, and reminded us that we all have what it takes to succeed ... Confidence! Jeff challenged us to tap into our potential. His humor, stories, and special charm captured the masses and engaged us all!
- Pat McDermont, Librarian
  Monte Gardens Elementary School, Concord, CA

You molded young minds in Media, Pennsylvania and got straight A's from the teachers here! What a hit!
- Susan Nolen, Assembly Coordinator
  Indian Lane Elementary School, Media, PA

The administration, teachers, and students were so inspired by your ability to promote nonfiction, and more important, your message of good character! Thank you very much!
- Kathleen Sheppard, Library Media Teacher
  Alice C. Stelle Middle School, Calabasas, CA

You are the most gracious and inspiring speaker we have ever had. The students and faculty enjoyed your visit immensely!
- Carol Prell, PTA President
  Silverwood Elementary School, Concord, CA

Your presentations to Sacramento-area schools were wonderful! Watching the interactions with and responses to you, it was obvious both the students and staff were delighted by your visit!
- Lynda Lincoln, Library Media Teacher
  Sacramento County Office of Education, Sacramento, CA

Parents, teachers, and children are linking your lessons to their lives! We were absolutely delighted with your energy and message! We will remember you for a long time.
- Diane Brown, Teacher
  Richvale Elementary School, Oroville, CA

You are the BEST! I am so thankful that we began the new year with an OUTSTANDING author! Everyone loved your humor, stories, and knowledge about writing. Thank you for going that extra mile and staying to accommodate YOUR FANS! What a great day!!!!!
- Pat McDermont, Librarian
  Monte Gardens Elementary School, Concord, CA

Thank you again for your amazing and entertaining presentation! Everyone, including the teachers, enjoyed your inspiring story of success!"
- Dede Barnhart, Library Media Teacher
  Terman Middle School, Palo Alto, CA

What a remarkable day! Your presentation was fantastic! The kids will all remember the importance you put on good character. Keep doing what you're doing because you are having such a wonderful impact on kids!
- Julie Mavis, Librarian
  George McCann Memorial Catholic School, Visalia, CA

Definitely amazing! You have been, by far, the best author I have ever seen in my whole teaching career. Your message, the way you engage the kids, just everything!
- Jean Holmquist, Teacher
  Wooodbridge Elementary School, Roseville, CA

Thank you so much for a successful Author Day. You were fantastic! People were so impressed with you!
- Mary Ann Wilson, Teacher
  Oak Hill Elementary School, Antelope, CA

You were a huge hit! The students are still talking about you. Thanks for the wonderful day!
- Denise Ames
  Main Avenue Elementary, Sacramento, CA

Jeff Savage has visited our school twice to rave reviews! His energy is infectious. He is very easy to work with. I highly recommend him!
- Robin Butts, Library Manager
  Bernard Eldredge School, Petaluma, CA

Jeff Savage was willing to 'jump through hoops' for our school as he inspired our students to become published authors.
- Kellie Buttram, Reading Specialist/Author Day Coordinator
  Spinelli Elementary School, Antelope, CA

GREAT PRESENTATION! The students will all want to be authors! You were hilarious and inspirational at the same time!
- Joseph D. Cook, Principal
  Nile Garden Elementary School, Manteca, CA

Thank you for your outstanding presentations at Authors Day! I've had nothing but rave reviews from both teachers and students. I was impressed by the way you varied your approach according to the age of the student group.
- Jean Collonge, Librarian
  St. Andrew's School, Saratoga, CA

The upper-grade teachers were amazed at how you taught a number of writing lessons in such a short time! Thank you for the energy you left with us after your wonderful visit.
- Mary Woolliscroft, Librarian
  Boulder Creek Elementary School, Boulder Creek, CA

From his large-group presentations to his small-group discussions with our ESL classes, Jeff Savage's day with us was a high point for the year!
- Cathy La Bare, Language Arts/Reading Teacher
  Kraemer Middle School, Placentia, CA

What a hit! Thank you, Jeff, for bringing your energy and positive messages. The students and teachers are jazzed!
- Amy A. Thomas, PTA Assembly Coordinator
  Strawberry Point School, Mill Valley, CA

You are a wonderful inspiring career example for the students. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! Thank you - it was an honor!
- Nancy Ward, Diretor of Alumni & Communications
  Clairbourn School, San Gabriel, CA

We can't thank you enough for your SUPER motivational presentation! We all enjoyed and learned from you. You were truly inspirational!
- Jeanne Kampen, Literary Conference Coordinator
  Hickman Charter School, Hickman, CA

Many authors speak only about their book writing experiences. I loved how you referred to real life situations! Your presentation was a great way to motivate my students to write and encourage them to follow their dreams!
- Michele McCarthy, Teacher
  Royal Oaks Elementary School, Visalia, CA

Fantastic! Your inspriring message captured the hearts and minds of all the students. The feedback from teachers and parents has been wonderful. Thank you for a truly awesome experience!
- Monique Carroll, Book Fair Chairman
  Portola Hills Elementary School, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Thank you, Jeff, for the terrific job being a positive role model for kids - and going the step further. Teachers and students are still raving!
- Tedra Hemingway, Teacher/Author Coordinator
  J.R. Watson School, Auburn, IN

Your overall message is perfect! Thank you so much for being with us these last two days and connecting writing to our students. You have made a great impact!
- Antonio Viramontes, Principal
  Oak Park Elementary School, Fontana, CA

I love the way you connect with kids and give them confidence. Your descriptive language will give them great inspiration for their stories. I wish all children could spend time with you.
- Patricia Stewart, Principal
  Montemalaga Elementary School, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

After Jeff Savage's presentations, the books he's written flew off our library shelves and have been popular ever since.
- Celia Ward, Librarian
  Santa Paula High School, Santa Paula, CA

What a great speaker! You did a terrific job of motivating our students and keeping them pointed in the right direction! We look forward to inviting you back.
- Celeste Bordner, Principal
  Reese Elementary School, Lodi, CA

Your presentation was all I had hoped it to be! You have inspired more writers into your profession! Thank you for speaking with interest to the kids. It was a great day!
- Delinda Irvine, Elementary Library Teacher
  Central Valley Christian, Visalia, CA

What an exhilarating and inspiring assembly! The children are filled with enthusiasm and want to become writers!
- Lorraine Gabbert, Assembly Coordinator
  Sakamoto Elementary School, San Jose, CA

What a great presentation! I am not a sports fan, but after yesterday, I am excited about sports. You have a great rapport with the students!
- Sharon Murphy, Library Media Specialist
  Trailridge Elementary School, Lee's Summit, MO

Engaging and fun! The children loved it! Thank you for inspiring us!
- Pam Perkins, Assistant Principal
  Napa Valley Language Academy, Napa, CA

Jeff Savage has the gift of engaging ALL kids of ALL ages and abilities!
- Stacey Carr, Manager of Recreation & Athletics
  Devereux School, Santa Barbara, CA

With humor and excitement, Jeff Savage delivers a powerful message. What a great motivator! Thank you, Jeff, for a wonderfully exciting and meaningful Author Day!
- Linda Dismukes, Principal
  Sunrise Elementary School, Citrus Heights, CA

Our students were captivated! Jeff Savage is a terrific motivational speaker and a great match for our school!
- Diane Saras, Librarian
  Enola Maxwell Middle School, San Francisco, CA

We are so gratefu! What a wonderful visit! Every student was greatly rewarded with a fantastic and fun experience! We've received a ton of positive feedback!Your presentations are both educational and fun! We are so lucky that you have visited us twice!
- Monique Carroll, Author Coordinator
  Portola Hills Elementary, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Thank you for a terrific presentation! You reached the students through sharing your own struggles with shyness. You made our students feel confident and determined in their future pursuits.
- Joy Chung, Teacher-Librarian
  Sepulveda Middle School, North Hills, CA

You have boundless energy! The kids and staff were so excited and inspired! Your message about believing in yourself came across loud and clear. We will have you back again soon!
- Julie Buickerood, Teacher
  Brookside School, Willits, CA

Jeff Savage was a true inspiration to all our students. His assemblies and classroom sessions were entertaining and valuable.
- Joyce Nunes, Teacher
  Wilson Elementary School, Tulare, CA

We loved it! Teachers unanimously said the kids came back to class asking for a writing project! Many students returned the next day with completed 'manuscripts' ready for editing! Jeff's presentations were filled with confidence-building stories and motivating tips. What a fabulous day!
- Deyon Shearer, PTA Programs
  Pepper Tree Elementary School, Upland, CA

Awesome! I've never seen my class so captivated! My second-grade class is working on published books for our school's Young Authors contest, and Jeff's presentation was the perfect motivator!
- Helena Sousa, Teacher
  Snow Elementary School, Newark, CA

Impressive! Jeff inspired every student and staff member to become a writer. Everyone laughed and learned at the same time.
- Diane Bird, Principal
  Emma Wilson Elementary School, Chico, CA

What a delight! Our students continue to make a line at the Jeff Savage shelf - Kinders on up. It has to be a 'Savage' book. It's almost a plea.
- Kathi Yrastorza, Librarian
  DeVargas Elementary School, San Jose, CA

Our students and teachers are still talking about how much they enjoyed Jeff Savage's presentations! I'm always looking for ways to encourage students to read and write more; and that's exactly what Jeff does with his enthusiastic style.
- Suzie Green, Librarian
  Durham Intermediate School, Southlake, TX

We truly enjoyed your visit and found you so personable! The kids are still talking about it. On behalf of our staff and students - thank you!
- Mary Lou Pennington, Director
  First Presbyterian Weekday School, Northridge, CA

The kids were thrilled! Thank you so much, Jeff. We would love to have you here again!
- Sue Ellen O'Connor, PTA President
  Harbor Day School, Newport Beach, CA

Nothing short of awesome! Jeff geared his presentations to every age group. Parents, teachers, and most important - students - had a great time!
- Sue Hunt, Author's Day Chair
  San Ramon Elementary, Novato, CA

Inspiring! The teachers were very impressed with Jeff's presentation, classroom visits, and the time spent with each student. What enthusiasm!
- Frank L. Donahue, Principal
  Shadow Hills Elementary School, Fontana, CA

You were a smash hit with the students, parents, and staff! Thank you for being such a great role model for all of us.
- Kimberly Silva, PTA President
  Alice Shaw Elementary, Santa Maria, CA

A great success! Students are now expressing an interest in pursuing a career in writing!
- Ellen Dambrosio, Library Media Teacher
  Teel Middle School, Empire, CA

Wonderful! The personal message of confidence woven throughout your presentation will undoubtedly leave a lasting positive impression.
- Steve White, Principal
  Conway Elementary School, Escondido, CA

Jeff's presentations were laced with subtly motivating messages that totally engaged our students. We'd have Jeff back in a minute.
- Diane Heditsian Norton, Author Program Coordinator
  Roy Cloud School, Redwood City, CA

Jeff is a 'regular' guy, and he establishes an instant rapport with everyone. Jeff's message to students - that they have the power to create the life they wish - is extremely motivating!
- Nelson Togerson, Principal
  Oak Park Elementary School, Fontana, CA

Jeff, our students are still talking about you! You are one great guy, and your inspirational messages for the kids left them thinking they can do anything! A huge thank you!
- Pam Coon, Reading Specialist
  Park Village Elementary School, Poway, CA

What a big hit! Jeff's messages were quietly absorbed by the students and appreciated by the teachers. It's amazing how he even kept the kindergartners so attentive.
- Jennifer R. Matthews, Visiting Author Coordinator
  El Carmelo Elementary School, Palo Alto, CA

Jeff Savage's enthusiastic assemblies are both fun and educational. Perfect for kids at all grade levels.
- Steve Thomas, Principal
  Hermosa Elementary School, Alta Loma, CA

Thank you for the wonderful time we all had! The assemblies were enlightening and energetic. Our students learned to have confidence and believe in themselves.
- Vicky Malecha, Librarian
  Miller Elementary School, Escondido, CA

I was a little concerned that a non-fiction author might not be as enjoyable for our younger students, but Jeff proved me wrong. The K-2 students and teachers just loved him!
- Kathy Webb, Librarian
  Monroe Elementary School, Hanford, CA

Thank you so much for such a wonderful assembly! You were very inspirational to all my students! You were great!
- Katie Halberg, Teacher
  Garin Elementary School, Brentwood, CA

You delighted and inspired our students! We all thoroughly enjoyed your presentations filled with wit and humor. Thank you for motivating us!
- Karen Mitchell, VP of Programs
  Robinson Ranch Elementary, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

What a motivating speaker! We were so lucky to have Jeff Savage visit our school. Thank you, Jeff!
- Dina Carlson, PTA Vice President
  Monte Vista Elementary School, San Jacinto, CA

Jeff Savage's inspirational presentations were a wonderful example to our students of where reading and writing can take them!
- Donna Colosky, Principal
  Desert Knolls Elementary School, Apple Valley, CA

It's hard to find an author who appeals to a wide range of ages, but our patrons - from preschoolers to grandparents - all enjoyed Jeff's dynamic and fascinating presentation!
- Nicole Reader, Children's Librarian
  Benicia Public Library, Benicia, CA

Jeff, the students thought you were great. As you talked about the 'stars' you kept the kids' attention to allow them to hear your more important messages. In their eyes, you were the bigger star.
- Christee Flanagan, First grade teacher
  Vail Elementary, Temecula, CA

Thank you so much for your wonderful, energetic visit to Wilson School! You have really made an impact here!
- Sheryl Elder, Library Technician
  Wilson Elementary, Selma, CA

Thank you for such a wonderful presentation! The students are still talking about you. May you continue to inspire students as you did ours!
- Dee Voight, Librarian
  Holy Rosary School, Antioch, CA

Staff, students, and parents were all impressed with Jeff's enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge. Jeff inspired our students to reach for their dreams.
- Kathryn Main, Third grade teacher/Librarian
  Marshall Pomeroy School, Milpitas, CA

Jeff captivates the audience with his sparkle and magic. The inspiration and encouragement that he imparts is extremely powerful.
- Julie Herdell, Principal
  West Park Elementary School, Napa, CA

Very impressive! Even the kindergarten students sat with rapt attention for a 50-minute presentation. Now, that says a lot!
- Terri Swanson, Teacher/Reading Specialist
  Oak Hill Elementary School, Antelope, CA

You had a big impact here! The children are still talking about you. It was truly a wonderful experience that we will never forget!
- Pam Schubert, Librarian
  Summit School, Ojai, CA

Students, staff, and parents thoroughly enjoyed Jeff's assemblies!
- Kathy Poloni, Principal
  Trajan Elementary School, Orangevale, CA

Jeff Savage's enthusiastic presentations stimulated reading AND writing! Jeff inspired our students to use their 'words' as a vehicle for their dreams.
- Thomas A. Ford, Principal
  Roberts Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

Rave reviews by the students and teachers! You have remarkable stamina! Your consideration for the children is evident in everything you do.
- Lori Dechert, Author Chair Coordinator
  Ridgeview Elementary School, Granite Bay, CA

Jeff's humor, wit, and striking personality captured everyone in the room. He inspired every child, even those most reluctant, to read and write.
- Sue DeVinny, Author's Fair Coordinator
  Sun Valley Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

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