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  • Jeff's assembly presentations are like a rapid railroad journey where students get to see the action from down on the field.

  • Jeff has met hundreds of famous athletes and entertainers and can tell you about his conversations with people like Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, golfer Tiger Woods, actress Michelle Pfeiffer, and comedian Bob Hope.

  • Jeff proves with a moving story of his own boyhood shyness that finding and maintaining confidence can lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

  • Teachers can use Jeff's books to help meet California standards for language arts. Click here for more information

  • Jeff shows a page from one of his edited manuscripts that is filled with red pen marks, demonstrating that even professional writers make mistakes and must revise.

  • Jeff shows with transparencies how he gets to hang out with wild and crazy fans.

  • Schools often have grand events such as "Sports Day" in which the students dress up as their favorite personality from one of Jeff's books. It's like Halloween!

  • Jeff is dedicated to inspiring students to read and write. That is the ultimate purpose of his visit.
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