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Following is a list of Jeff Savage's speaking events. If you wish to schedule a visit, please contact Jeff soon, as dates are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and the schedule often fills in faster than we can indicate here.

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2012-13 CALENDAR
October 15Griffin ElementaryKaty, TX
October 15Nottingham Ctry ElementaryKaty, TX
October 16Morton Ranch ElementaryKaty, TX
October 16Stephens ElementaryKaty, TX
October 17Fielder ElementaryKaty, TX
October 17Golbow ElementaryKaty, TX
October 18Exley ElementaryKaty, TX
October 18Williams ElementaryKaty, TX
October 19Pattison ElementaryKaty, TX
October 22Woodcreek ElementaryKaty, TX
October 22Hutsell ElementaryKaty, TX
October 23Franz ElementaryKaty, TX
October 24McRoberts ElementaryKaty, TX
October 24Schmalz ElementaryHouston, TX
October 25Rylander ElementaryKaty, TX
October 26Hayes ElementaryKaty, TX
November 5Hatfield ElementaryJustin, TX
November 6Clara Love ElementaryJustin, TX
November 7Sendera Ranch ElementaryHaslet, TX
November 8Hughes ElementaryRoanoke, TX
November 9Beck ElementaryTrophy Club, TX
November 12Haslet ElementaryHaslet, TX
November 13Schluter ElementaryHaslet, TX
November 14Seven Hills ElementaryNewark, TX
November 14Prairie View ElementaryRhome, TX
November 15Justin ElementaryJustin, TX
November 15Thompson ElementaryHaslet, TX
November 16Peterson ElementaryFort Worth, TX
January 7Montgomery IntermediateMontgomery, TX
January 8BB Rice ElementaryConroe ,TX
January 9Mitchell IntermediateSpring, TX
January 10David ElementaryTheWoodlands,TX
January 11Buckalew ElementaryTheWoodlands,TX
January 14Ben Milam ElementaryConroe, TX
January 15Austin ElementaryConroe, TX
January 16Coulson Tough ElementaryTheWoodlands,TX
January 17Giesinger ElementaryConroe, TX
January 18Broadway ElementarySpring, TX
January 22Ford ElementarySpring, TX
January 23Deretchin ElementaryTheWoodlands,TX
January 24Bozman IntermediateConroe, TX
January 25Wilkinson ElementaryConroe, TX
January 28Foxboro ElementaryVacaville, CA
February 8Laurel ElementaryOakley, CA
February 14Strawtown ElementaryWest Nyack, NY
February 27Rancho Canada ElementaryLake Forest, CA
March 1Knolls ElementarySimi Valley, CA
March 4Imperial ElementaryAnaheim, CA
March 5Lake ElementaryOceanside, CA
March 6St. Matthew's ParishPac-Palisades, CA
March 8Murray Manor ElementaryLa Mesa, CA
March 12Trajan ElementaryOrangevale, CA
March 19San Ramon ElementaryNovato, CA
March 21Elmer Wood ElementaryAtwater, CA
March 25El Carmelo ElementaryPalo Alto, CA
March 26Mitchell ElementaryAtwater, CA
April 5Strawberry Point ElementaryMill Valley, CA
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