Game Day

  • Jeff is a member of the working press which allows him to attend all the sporting events he wants. He can sit in the press box or go into the locker room to meet the stars.

  • On the football field, Jeff can stand directly behind the team bench and listen to the players discuss strategy. Sometimes he knows what play will be called before it happens.

  • When Jeff is on the field he gets to visit with sports people like Raiders owner Al Davis and former player Dave Casper.

  • Jeff gets to take pictures of the behind-the-scenes action and then show these scenes to students at school visits.

  • In the press box, Jeff gets loads of free stuff, like magazines, food and drinks, and a play-by-play account of the game. And, of course, the game itself is free, too.

  • Looking up in the stands from on the field, Jeff sees some of the craziest fans you will find anywhere.

  • Students who have met Jeff often see him on national TV.

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