Cool stuff about the game

Here we are at a football game between the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. I am standing behind the end zone. There is a press pass hanging from my belt. The pass allows me to go down on the field where I can listen to the fans cheer for their team.

In the first photo, the teams are warming up for the game. The Chargers are running practice drills right in front of me. Sometimes the football bounces toward me, and I pick it up and throw it back to the players. It's fun watching the players get ready for the game.

These are members of the "working press." Many of them are my friends. They are in the press box to watch the game and write about it. They might work for a newspaper or magazine or a TV or radio station. Or maybe they are writing a book about a player!

Besides getting a free pass to the game, members of the media get all the food and drinks they want for free! They have this great job because they worked hard in school and learned to read and write well. Wouldn't you love to have a job like this?

During the game, I like to go down on the stadium floor to watch the action from the sideline. I can stand so close to the field that if I took one giant step forward, I would actually be inbounds! That would not be a smart thing to do!

Football players are big and fast. You don't realize just how fast they are until you see the action up close. Sometimes the play will come toward me and I will have to scramble like crazy to get out of the way. I have been knocked over by players, and believe me, it hurts!

I take pictures of the players with my camera. We put these pictures in my books. Here I am at a game between the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings. It is fun to go behind the team bench and listen to the players discuss strategy.

When the game ends, I can walk onto the field with the players. I often go straight to the 50-yard line where the two head coaches meet to shake hands. I like to hear what they say. Players from both teams gather to congratulate one another.

After hanging out on the field for a while, it's time to do some interviews. So I head off with the players to the locker room. The players are tired as they leave the field, but they are almost always willing to sit and talk about the game.

After I interview the players, I am ready to write my book. Sometimes I write in the press box. Other times I write from home. Remember, if you are a writer, you get to work anywhere you want!

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