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Most autobiographies are filled with boring details. Not mine. I'm skipping all that to get straight to the point. I love sports.

I grew up in the sleepy Bay Area suburb of Fremont, California, and spent my childhood summers at my family cabin among the tall pines of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Wherever I went, you can be sure it was with my football or basketball.

As you can see in this picture, I was a ferocious athlete. I even played football and basketball and golf in high school. But, alas, the professional scouts, in a shocking oversight, failed to call.

My parents worked in the public school system – my father as a high school business teacher and my mother as a high school secretary – and together they stressed to me the importance of studying and getting good grades. My hard work paid off when I was awarded an academic scholarship to UCLA. I later attended UC San Diego where I graduated with a degree in journalism and communications.

Before my career as a writer, I worked an assortment of jobs, such as baby furniture stock boy, fry cook, car wash attendant, waiter, residential appraiser, stadium announcer, and disc jockey.

My first career job was as a sportswriter. I wrote articles for nearly a decade for the San Diego Union-Tribune. It was exciting to attend the games and go on the field and in the locker room to meet the stars. I've seen the action up close ever since. The greatest basketball players, football players, and boxers have all dripped sweat on me.

I met my wife, Nancy, in 1993, in a crazy way. We were married two years later at the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Mrs. Savage is a teacher (4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, kindergarten, 2nd grade, special ed, substitute K-8, whew) and I get lots of ideas from her. Our first son, Taylor, was born in 1997. Our second son, Bailey, was born in 1999. My favorite hobby is playing with my family. Other things I do for fun are stare at trees, play sports with the neighborhood kids, practice karate, fly airplanes, and compete in triathlons.

Now that I've written more than 170 books, I want to thank the publishers for making children's books, the editors for letting me write, the librarians for buying the books, and the teachers for making sure children can read.

Keep reading and writing,

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